"It is now over 40 years since you gave me dental treatment. Today I was at the local dentist, and as happened numerous times over the years, he called in the entire staff to see the beautiful work you did on my teeth. He said the crowns look like they were done today.

My deep thanks and appreciation even after all of these years.

"This is a note to say I have always been proud and very thankful of how you saved my smile.

At 17 years old you restored and saved my non-vital central #9...and you bleached it again at 20. That was over 25 years ago. I have never let anyone else touch it. There were suggestions of crowning but I would rather have it veneered. It still looks good with minimal root resorption. Flossing and preventive dental care is so important. I just want to tell you....Thank you again for my great smile(and laugh lines).

"As a model, my career really started when I got my veneers.

I was able to do runway AND print, where before I was limited to just print, and now they don’t have to airbrush my photos.

"You have my admiration and appreciation for your masterly care."
"My mother lived for 98 years and thrived under your care.

Your thoughtful treatment of each problem as is arose, and never overtreatment, was very appreciated, as well as your sense of humor and good will toward my mother. Thank you!

"After a car accident, my smile wasn’t the same.

Dental Implants reshaped my smile and replaced what was lost-only one week after my accident. I can’t imagine my life without them now. People do not think of the smile as such an important part of your overall appearance, but it really makes a huge difference.

"I would like to thank Dr. E and the very kind staff there in your offices.

Your hospitality and genuine care was truly appreciated. I felt almost no sensitivity during the process nor afterwards. The ladies that administered the whitening on me were very delicate but informative at the same time. They taught me some things in that one and a half hour session that I did not know prior to visiting your offices. Again, thank you so much for all of the hospitality and professionalism while I was there. This time it actually didn't feel like a "typical" dentist appointment and for that I am extremely grateful!

"I don’t have the unsightly metal caps anymore.

Now I’m smiling bigger and brighter than ever before.

"This actually looks better than my natural tooth"
"Thanks for making us smile thorughout the year!"
"Whitening my smile instantly brightened my whole face.

It took years off my age — I instantly lost 10 years. I looked more vibrant and healthier — people commented on my new “fresh” look right away!”

"Jimmy, I have the most beautiful smile in the world thanks to you. I love ya."
"Dear Dr. Eisdorfer, Thank you again for brightening our smiles for our wedding day.

We hope you're doing well and look forward to seeing you at our next appointment.

"It is important that you hear this. As much as possible, it is a pleasure to have you treat me.

Your wonderful skills, knowledge and intelligence are obvious. When a complex procedure of any kind is done it's great for the patient to have a master doing the procedure.

"I am sooo happy! Thanks soo much! And it's such beautiful work for a temp!

It looks just like my teeth did when they were in better shape! It was so different that I expected, and I was so out of it, and I was elated when I woke up. It felt like I was out 10 minutes.