Dr. Eisdorfer's Dental Tips

The beauty world is overflowing with anti aging information and skincare products. Figures released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) shows a 44% increase in non-surgical procedures in 2004.

People often over look a very important part of their face - the smile. A quick non-surgical procedures on teeth will instantly give you a “face lift” and change in appearance, without the down time of other surgical procedures such as face lifts.

Regardless of age, if you are in your 20s, 30s or even 60s, the tell-tale signs of aging are often revealed in your smile.

By taking care of your teeth and following a simple checklist you can effectively slow down and defy the ageing process.

Dr. James Eisdorfer both owns and operates a modern practice located in Upper East Side, which uses only the latest in dental technology. By creating a detailed checklist for specific age groups to follow, Dr Eisdorfer ensures that patients understand what they need to do, in order to keep their smile the brightest and healthiest it can possibly be.

If you're in your 20's

"The most important preventative measure a twenty-something patient can do is floss.

I cannot stress enough how important flossing is-at any age. Flossing lowers the decay rate and stimulates the gums which leads to less gum recession and gum disease later in life.”

“When I see patients in their twenties, there are a few different treatments we can do for them. First, I would recommend a whitening treatment. Patients in their twenties often complain of yellowing teeth, they can walk out of my office two hours later with a brand new, white smile.

If you're in your 30's

“In your thirties, your teeth start to chip more. I do not smooth this out by sanding the tooth down; I restore the tooth with composite fillers. Shortening teeth will create problems as you age.”

“When my patients are in their thirties, I want to make sure that all their fillings have been converted to porcelain. Porcelain is much stronger and, since it is white, is more aesthetically pleasing."

If you're in your 40's & 50's

Your smile tells your age and when you are in your fifties, you don’t want your smile to look like it is in its fifties.

People are getting more botox, fillers and more surgical & non- surgical procedures than ever before. Why not update your smile too?

“Patients in their forties and fifties need conservative, good, thorough dentistry. We start thinking about the aesthetics of their smile”. I recommend veneers to my 40 + patients. They are permanent (bleaching is only temporary) and they can fix existing dental flaws.”

If you're in your 60's

“When you are younger, you show more tooth-both when your mouth is naturally open while talking and also when you smile.

As you get older, gravity takes its toll. Your face sags and teeth tend to migrate so you do not have the same amount of teeth showing.

“I recommend lengthening the teeth with veneers. You would be surprised what this easy procedure can do, it takes years off!

Also, many patients in their sixties are taking more medication than when they were younger. It is important to increase fluoride since many medications decrease saliva, leading to more tooth decay.”