Instant Facelift With Veneers

With the ever growing emphasis on beauty in our society it’s no wonder why there’s an entire aisle in your local drug store dedicated to face creams and anti-wrinkle potions. Not only that, this fascination with maintaining our youth and beauty is responsible for the rise in non-surgical procedures, such as the use of Botox, in recent years. It’s become so common place that sometimes it’s even a punch line of a joke on the TV comedy sitcoms we watch.

Unfortunately, these creams, potions and procedures tend to only have temporary effects on our perception of beauty. Along with that temporariness, the expense of keeping up with applications and procedures is very draining on one’s wallet, because these aren’t once and done procedures.

People are very focused on laugh lines, crow’s feet and those furrowed wrinkles that appear on the forehead and that’s what these “magic potions” tend to target. However, there’s one area of the face that tends to be highly overlooked – Your Smile!  

Sure people are intrigued by a person’s eyes, as they say they are “the window to the soul”, but your smile says a whole lot more. If you aren’t confident in your teeth to give a broad, happy smile, it can definitely have an effect on how people view you. If your teeth aren’t in the best of shape, it can detract from the rest of your face as well.

The great thing about your smile is that improving it is even easier, and over time, less expensive than the continually use of face creams and procedures like Botox, especially if you start young and continue to take care of your teeth. However, even if you are older, there are still affordable ways to improve your smile and give your appearance that instant facelift that will take years away.

In your twenties professional teeth whitening can help improve your appearance. There’s a reason why Cheryl Crowe of the “X Factor” is one of the most desirable smiles in the UK (and other parts of the world), her smile is vivaciously white and very appealing. She didn’t just get her teeth that white by brushing, professional whitening helped improve her smile.

In your thirties you can look to change your fillings over to porcelain which is not only stronger but blends in with the rest of the coloring of your teeth and won’t draw any unnecessary attention. Along with that, you can also look into repairing any chipped teeth. Attending to it at this point in life can definitely help you later on.

After your thirties veneers tend to be the most effective way to improve smile and overall facial appearance. The great thing about veneers is that they are a non-surgical way to improve your face. While whitening or bleaching your teeth is also an improvement, it is only temporary, much like the creams and fillers. Veneers are a permanent way to fix dental flaws and restore your smile to be the spotlight of your entire appearance.

Veneers can give you back the confidence in being able to smile and make a dazzling impression. They are great to fix yellowing teeth, chipped or broken teeth, and also help lengthen your teeth which tend to migrate as we get older.

Finally facelift an improved smile can give you doesn’t take that long to get, and unlike surgical procedures, there’s no recuperation time. In as little as a week, contact lens veneers can make a huge improvement on your smile for the rest of your life!