Improving Your Confidence As You Grow Older

As we grow older there are always those small signs of the passing years that show in our appearance. Whether its crow’s feet, laugh lines or age spots, we realize, like aging process we go through, these are inevitable. For a lot of people this has an effect on the confidence we should have in our appearance.

There are a lot of options available today to lessen the signs of aging. Ranging from night creams to lessen the presence of wrinkles around the eyes, Botox treatments, and plastic surgery options that help to tighten up the skin that tends to sag as we grow older, we hope that in using these options those that view us see us in a younger light.

However, there is one part of your face that will always tell your age that cannot be fixed by the ordinary over the counter night creams, or even with Botox injections. Our teeth, more importantly our smiles, show tall tale signs of our age and definitely can have an impact on our confidence.

“I never realized how much I didn’t smile and how much that affected my confidence,” said Samantha T., a smile lift patient at Eisdorfer Dental. “When I was looking for a new job because I was changing professions after 20 years, I didn’t realize that my lack of smiling was inhibiting my ability to get job offers. That lack of confidence in my smile wasn’t helping me make a great first impression with potential employers. Once I took the steps to fix my smile, the job offers started pouring in after my interviews.”

As we grow older our smile, or the anatomy of our smiles, changes over time. The color and alignment of our teeth, the texture, even our gum lines change, all affect our smiles. As our smile changes and as we age, we become less confident to smile those large bright beaming smiles we had in our youth because our teeth don’t look as they use too. And all the night creams in the world, cannot give you the confidences a great smile can.

A “smile lift” can go a long way to helping you gain that confidence back. As we age our teeth tend to migrate and become smaller, veneers can help lengthen the appearance of your teeth, giving you back the length that you had in your earlier years. Overtime our teeth tend to yellow, stain and chip, as well. Veneers can permanently whiten and help to correct those chipped teeth that can inhibit your smile from being the best it can be.

 “When I started dating again after my divorce, I never realized how little I smiled until a friend pointed it out to me. ‘You can never find Mr. Right if you’re always looking sad’ she said to me. That’s when it hit me that I was embarrassed by my smile.” Melinda R., a recent smile lift patient, explained. “Now that I had a smile lift, and my teeth are as beautiful as the rest of me, I can’t stop smiling and I’m getting asked out on more dates than I can handle in a week!”

With the advances in dental technologies and in dental cosmetics, regaining your youthful smile is a lot easier today than it was 20 years ago. Along with the ease of access to smile lift procedures the time it takes to see the results isn’t weeks either, you can see the lasting results of a smile lift in just a few days. So what’s stopping you? Gain that confidence back with a smile lift today!