Don’t Fear The Dentist

The normal, old routine trip to the dentist is changing. No longer do patients have to sit in the waiting room and fear going “back to the chair” and hearing the sounds of drills and other dental instruments. If this is how you picture going to your dentist, or it was your past experience, no wonder why you might have a bit of fear about your next visit! If you are pensive about going to get your smile fixed, trust us, you’re not alone.

A recent study from the University of Sydney revealed that women in their 40’s actually have more of a phobia of going to their dentist. Because of this fear, they sacrifice the health of their teeth and the confidence that a beautiful smile can bring them. When you think of the dental offices of the past, it’s no wonder why this has become such a phobia, especially in women. The thought of hearing the dentist drilling into someone else’s teeth why you wait can really put a person on edge, thus accounting for the increase use in sedation in patients to calm them and ease their anxieties of common dental procedures.

That’s why the environment of the dental office is changing. From the colors and tones of the walls, accents that you see around you, to the sounds that surround you, your trip to the dentist is changing to become more relaxing and reassuring, and to help ease those phobias. There’s a lot more in your dentist’s waiting room these days than just out of print Time magazines.

Not only in the waiting rooms are things changing. To ease the anxiety and fear most patients have with having common and cosmetic dentistry procedures done, dentists are integrating relaxation techniques into their patients visits. Some, like Eisdorfer Dental, even have 3D Glasses that allow the patient to relax with a movie while their dental procedures are being done.

The trip to the dentist shouldn’t be a scary proposition, that’s why a consultation with your dentist should come first, so you know what to expect before your dentist ever places a dental instrument into your mouth. Knowing what’s going to happen goes a long way to easing the anxiety of what your dentist is going to be doing to your teeth.

So when you’re ready to brighten up your smile keep in mind these tips when you are looking for your next dental professional:

Take a look at their website:

  • Do they show their offices? Is it calm and inviting?
  • Are their client testimonials? Did they explain how their visits went?
  • Does the dentist explain the procedures in “plain English” and not dental talk?
  • Does the dentist offer tips on improve your overall dental health and smile?

Call or visit the office and ask about their procedures:

  • Is there a consultation first?
  • Does the staff seem to genuinely care?
  • Do they offer relaxation techniques during procedures?